School Groups at Claphams Clock Museum
School Groups at Claphams Clock Museum School Groups at Claphams Clock Museum

School Groups at Claphams Clock Museum

There are learning opportunities for primary, intermediate and secondary schools at Claphams Clock Museum in Whangarei.

Talk to us about specially tailored tours to educate children and young people in a variety of subjects, including:


Learn about the history of timekeeping through the ages, or uncover the unique history of our collection of clocks and timepieces themselves.


Explore the many ways in which different cultures throughout the world measure time. Perceptions of time and clocks give us insight into cultural differences and similarities.

Science & Technology

Learn about the mechanics of clocks, the principles of mathematics and physics behind them, and the various forces at play that make clocks work.


Artistic styles from throughout the ages and around the world are reflected in our collection of over 1,700 clocks, many of them as rare and beautiful as any work of art.

Local History

Many Whangarei locals recall their visits to Archie’s house to see his collection of clocks. Discover the importance of these stories in recording our local history.

Costs and resources for school teachers:

School Group Tours costs:

  • $4 per child
  • Teachers and adults free on a ratio of 1 to 6 children, $8 for other group members

For more information on teaching aids materials and programmes available please contact our friendly staff at Claphams.

An introductory tour free of charge is available for teachers – just contact us at to find out more.

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